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Den ‘o’ Alyth

A woodland walk along part of the Highland Boundary Fault.

The Den (‘narrow valley’ or ‘gorge’) o’ Alyth is a wooded glen through which the Alyth Burn runs. Part of the geography of the Highland Boundary Fault, it lies on the outskirts of Alyth, and much of the stone quarried to build parts of Alyth in earlier times was quarried from here.

Designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) by Scottish Natural Heritage, the Den’s ancient woodland is of semi-natural origin, comprising native species, such as ash, oak, birch and hazel, and non-native species, such as beech and sycamore. A variety of wildlife is regularly spotted among the oak, ash, beech and birch trees, including red squirrels, deer, tree creepers and great tits, with dippers, herons and grey wagtails often seen by the water.

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