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Cateran Ecomuseum

The Drumderrach Stone

Prehistoric Standing Stone with magnificent views.

Just on the eastern field boundary where the Shanzie Souterrain lies, on the other side of the hedge, is a wide grassy path leading steeply up to this spectacularly positioned standing stone.

A ridgy block of rough red sandstone it rises 4’10” above ground with a basal girth of 10′ 2″. Its longer axis points S. 18° W. and N. 18° E., and its broad face measures 4 feet 6 inches. You can access it over a small stile.

It is thought that the stone might have been part of a stone circle as other large upright stones have been built into part the stone dyke to the east. It has also been noted the stone lies in an ESE alignment to the Bruceton and Philpie Stones.

The path is steep but well worth it as the views from the stone are wonderful!

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