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Pitcarmick Roundhouses

Site of Bronze Age dwellings.

This area has been farmed since the early Bronze Age, during which time people lived in round houses – remnants of which, like these, you can see today. Indeed, this part of Perth and Kinross contains one of the densest concentrations of this type of settlement known anywhere in Scotland.

These dwellings would have had low stone sides and low conical roofs made of thatched heather. The remains of these are often difficult to see with the only evidence being slightly raised circular mounds of earth.

Summer climates at this time were warmer, making it possible to grow early forms of barley and wheat. Cattle and sheep were also bred, and diets were supplemented with wild berries.

Many ‘houses’ may have had both domestic and non-domestic functions. An increasingly used concept is that of ‘byre-house’ (Harding 2004, 2009), where animals and people cohabited;

Early Medieval Settlement in Upland Perthshire: Excavations at Lair, Glen Shee 2012-17


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