Glenisla Forest

A classic example of a Forest grown for timber.

Glenisla is a highly productive forest and has a proven record of growing quality timber. Planting began here in the 1949 with Sitka Spruce being the main species grown because it grows quickly and provides a premium softwood timber product in as little as 25 years.

First introduced into Scotland by plant hunter David Douglas in 1831, the trees originate from the ‘fog-belt’ of western North America. The First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest however, made very little use of the timber, valuing its roots more highly. These were split lengthwise into four to eight strands for making twined basketry and finely woven waterproof hats. The resin of the bark was preferred to the pitch of pines as an all purpose adhesive, to caulk holes in cedar boats, cure carbuncles, or simply as chewing gum.

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