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Cateran Ecomuseum


Sections of this route are currently blocked by tree fall due to the unprecedented storm damage that has impacted Scotland's forestry since storm Arwen in 2021.

These will be ongoing with the resulting felling and clean up operations. The dangerous and labour intensive task of restoration has been prioritised for the national power and communication grids, livelihoods, livestock and for the most used access routes. Land owners also wish to see paths restored and we will share developments.

We would appreciate your sharing of information on the routes you find still impassable, or indeed newly reopened along with their suitability for cycling, horse riding or walking to help us provide accurate information.


This enjoyable cycle ride takes you across the Ancient Forest of Alyth and past some of the Ecomuseum’s most evocative pre-historic sites. A visit to the birthplace of the famous covenanter Donald Cargill offers spectacular views across Strathmore, one of Scotland’s most beautiful and fertile valleys.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code: Know the code before you go

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You can download our booklet, From Deep Time To Our Time, Cycling Across The Cateran Ecomuseum here.

Route Stats

Suitable for: Gravel bikes
Total Distance: 26.7 km
Total Ascent: 440 m
Terrain: A mixture of singletrack, paths and quiet roads
Access: Some gates
Route Category: Challenging
Riding Time: 2.5 - 3.5 hrs
Start/Finish: Alyth Market Square
OS Grid Ref: NO 24612 48519
Nearest Parking: At the start
Key Facilities on Route: Alyth (accommodation, shops, restaurants, cafes)
OS Landranger Map: 53 (or custom Cateran Ecomuseum map)

For information on local accommodation & services click here

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Photographs: Markus Stitz

Route Description

The route starts in Alyth’s historic Market Square. It follows Bamff Road westbound out of town, passing through the Den ‘O’ Alyth first and then continuing towards Bamff, where one of Scotland’s most exciting rewilding programmes is underway on the Bamff Estate, pioneers of the reintroduction of Beavers to Scotland. Bearing left at the junction with Bamff, the route continues along the road, before it takes a left turn, signposted to Bridge of Cally. Park Neuk Stone Circle is a great place to stop with its 360 degree views across the Cateran Ecomuseum. Across the moor at a house on a sharp corner, the route follows the road south, passing Drimmie Woods and the great Kynballoch Stone.

Continuing to follow the road, and where it takes a turn to the right, follow the gravel path that heads straight, passing a number of houses and descending along the edge of woodland towards Rattray. Here the route rejoins the road towards Alyth, part of the Strathmore Cycle Network. It then follows a gravel track on the left, which leads up to Donald Cargill’s Monument. From here another farm track heads back to the road, and at St. Fink, the route takes another track heading left into Drimmie Woods. Passing a small Lochan the route then takes a right turn, and then continues on the road back to Alyth.

Find out more about some of the key Points of Interest below.

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Points to visit

Along the way you will find these points of interest:

  • Den ‘o’ Alyth

    A woodland walk along part of the Highland Boundary Fault. The Den (‘narrow valley’ or ‘gorge’) o’ Alyth is a wooded glen through which the Alyth Burn runs. Part of the geography of the Highland Boundary Fault, it lies on the outskirts of...

    Read more - "Den ‘o’ Alyth"
  • Park Neuk Stone Circle

    A hidden treasure from pre-history. This small Four Poster stone circle, so called because of the prominent upright stones that feature in each corner of a rectangle, is beautifully set on the north-eastern shoulder of a low hill. One of the stones...

    Read more - "Park Neuk Stone Circle"
  • The Royal Forest of Alyth

    A 12th century Royal Hunting Reserve. As you travel from the Bamff Estate towards Bridge of Cally and Blairgowrie, either as a walker along the Cateran Trail or by cycling or driving the single track road, you will pass through undulating...

    Read more - "The Royal Forest of Alyth"
  • Drimmie Woods

    Part of the ancient Forest of Alyth. This woodland area, part of the ancient Forest of Alyth lies about 2 miles outside of Blairgowrie and is now covered with fast growing Sitka spruce for timber production. After the last Ice Age drew to a close...

    Read more - "Drimmie Woods"
  • The Kynballoch Stone

    One of the largest Megaliths in the area. After leaving Drimmie Woods heading south towards Blairgowrie and Rattray, in a field on the left of the road, is the massive Kynballoch Stone. Aligned NNE-SSW, it is known in archaeological circles as...

    Read more - "The Kynballoch Stone"
  • Donald Cargill’s Monument

    The birthplace of the famous covenanter and defender of Presbyterianism. Donald Cargill, born in Rattray, was a Presbyterian minister and Covenanter. The Covenanters pledged to maintain their own way of worship following the signing of the National...

    Read more - "Donald Cargill’s Monument"
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