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Drimmie Woods

Part of the ancient Forest of Alyth.

This woodland area, part of the ancient Forest of Alyth lies about 2 miles outside of Blairgowrie and is now covered with fast growing Sitka spruce for timber production.

After the last Ice Age drew to a close about 15,000 BC, glaciers gave way to woodland and by 5,000BC this area was covered i oak, birch, elm and hazel trees. The mixed vegetation, warmer climate and abundance of freshwater support wild animals and the overall habitat attracted hunter gatherers who settled here.

The nomadic hunter gatherers of this Mesolithic Age gave way to farming practices of the Neolithic (4,500 BC to 2000 BC). The introduction of farming significantly altered the landscape and much of the ancient woodland was relocated with rough grazing pastures and fields.

The open landscape with its remaining woodlands became the hunting reserves of the Kings of Scotland and came to be known as the Forests of Drimmie and Alyth.

An information board at the small car park shows path routes in the forest and the site of another stone circle made up of nine stones between two ridges near the summit of the Hill of Drimmie. Six of the stones are considered to be definitely part of the circle, the other three being questionable.


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