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Pitcrocknie Stone

A fine example of a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age Standing Stone.

Travelling out of Alyth on the B952, on the right hand side of the road, a few yards after the last old red sandstone house in the town, lies a new housing development. The entrance road leads down to a large Standing Stone, known locally as the Pitcrocknie Stone and after which the housing development has been named.

Made out of a very fine garnet-bearing schist, the standing stone is roughly triangular in profile with a pointed top and measures some 2m E-W by 1m with a height of 2.1m. It stands on a gentle S-facing slope at around 80m OD.

An archaeological investigation in 2014 discovered food and vessel fragments that were dated to a much earlier period than the stone, suggesting that the site was visited for ritualised activity in the early Neolithic. Although this was long before the standing stone was set up, it seems possible that the area continued to have associations with this kind of behaviour and that this may have motivated later people to erect the stone.





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