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Oakbank Mill

A first for jute.

This mill building is one of the few that remain standing of the group of flax and jute mills that run along each side of the River Ericht. Said to be the oldest of their type in Scotland, they are a classic example of a large colony of mills sited expressly for the purpose of exploiting a good water supply.

Oakbank was built some time before 1832 by Mr. James Grimond, brother of David, the originator of the Lornty Mill.   It was in that year that a linen merchant, Mr.  James Watt  of Dundee,  endeavoured  to get  some  spinners to  make  a trial  of  small parcels of teased jute.

The  first man  in  Scotland to spin it successfully and  continue to  do  so  was  James Grimond  of  Oakbank Mill.

It is now in the process of restoration into a private residence.

Sources: Peter Dawson, Meg Luckins
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