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Cateran Ecomuseum

Keithbank Mill

Water and steam power.

The  original, small  Keithbank Mill  was built  in  1830 by  a  Mr. William Fyfe,  directly  across the  river  from Oakbank Mill.   In the   late  1860s a  new  and larger  mill  was erected  a  few yards  further  downstream (designed by John Kerr & Co) in  order to  increase  the fall,  by  the then  owners  Messrs. Low.   This  mill was  driven  by a  waterwheel (by J. Kerr, Dundee)  and a power steam  engine  by Carmichael  of  Dundee.  In about  1880  it employed  100  people and  yarns  were produced  for  the Forfar  trade. From 1888 to 1932 it was owned by the Proctor family.

Sources: Peter Dawson, Meg Luckins
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