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Muckle Mill & Ericht Linen

An industry takes hold.

Just above the Brig ‘o’ Blair on the right bank of the Ericht stood the oldest spinning mill on the river. This was the Muckle (or Meikle) Mill. Erected in 1798 to spin linen, it seems to have been regarded as a very important, as well as extensive, institution in its early days when it was managed by a Mr. Peter McIntosh who most probably built it.

On his headstone in the Blairgowrie Parish Kirkyard was the inscription which says he “first introduced the useful art of spinning flax by means of machinery into this part of the country.”

In 1843 the Muckle mill employed 9 men and 32 women.

The much larger Ericht Linen Works was built nearby in 1867 to process jute that had been first softened in the Muckle Mill.

Sources: Peter Dawson, Meg Luckins
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