Monks Wynd

An ancient path.

The first missionaries who came to found the church in Alyth were monks from the early Celtic Church. A reminder of these men remains in Alyth today in the name ‘Monks Wynd’, a short path which can be found leading from Chapel Street to the Alyth Burn where stepping stones aided travellers crossing the water.

Their faith believed in the importance of care for the environment, hospitality and higher learning. They had a high regard for women and children (especially orphans) and placed great value in pilgrimage to remote locations as a way of getting close to God.

It was also known as ‘Priesties Wynd’ according to accounts written by the Reverend James Meikle in 1918. The ‘priests’ were possibly later medieval priests (possibly monks from Coupar Angus Abbey) and would have been in regular communication with the diocesan Cathedral at Dunkeld. The path would have led from Alyth Church across the burn towards Blairgowrie and the route along the lochs road to Dunkeld.

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