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Cateran Ecomuseum

Kettins Cross Slab

One of the largest examples of an 8th or 9thc Pictish Symbol bearing Cross Slab.

The small village of Kettins lies just across from the southern edge of the Ecomuseum. This cross-slab stands beside the northern boundary wall of Kettins church-yard, facing the north side of the parish church.

The slab is Old Red Sandstone, possibly quaried in Kettins parish, certainly in Strathmore. The 2.8m high stone is a tapering rectangular slab fixed into a 19thc base and supported by 19thc/20thc iron fittings. Decoration survives only on the front face.

Whilst the imagery is very hard to see now, an explanation of them can be found in the image below, taken from  this leaflet, further text from which we have also transcribed in the ‘read more’ link.


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