Hill of Alyth

A walk along an ancient drove road to an historic viewpoint.

Rising steeply on the northern edge of the burgh of Alyth to 300m (984ft), the Hill of Alyth provides a brisk walk on part of the Cateran Trail along old drove roads and tracks across open grassland.

Once at the top you can enjoy panoramic views to the fertile farmlands of Strathmore and the Sidlaw Hills to the South and the Cairngorm Mountains in the North.

A Triangulation or ‘Trig’ Point on the broad, grassy summit, part of a UK-wide network used in the 20th century to make accurate mapmaking possible, sits adjacent to a pillar commemorating the commonties of Alyth, areas of common land that were once extensive across Scotland dating back to pre-feudal (11th century) times. Typically, each parish would have common land that was owned by no-one yet used by all the inhabitants of the parish. It has been established that the Hill of Alyth is a surviving commonty because it has never been divided by proper judicial process.

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