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Coupar Angus Abbey

Site of one of Scotland’s most successful Cistercian Monasteries.

Coupar Angus Abbey was a Cistercian Monastery founded in 1159 on the old Royal Manor of Coupar.

King Malcolm IV (1156-65) allocated the land to the order on the advice of his uncle, Waltheof, who was abbot of the Cistercian Abbey at Melrose.

The Abbey was built in 1233 and would have consisted of the normal conventional buildings : church, cloister, residence for the abbot, sleeping accommodation for the monks, refectory, guesthouse and sundry offices.

It seems likely that the Abbey complex at Coupar Angus also included a range of further buildings, such as stables, brew-houses, bake-houses and metal-working premises.

By the time of the Reformation, Coupar Angus was said to be the wealthiest Cistercian Abbey in Scotland.

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