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Originally planned as a Railway Village.

This small village was the brainchild of local landowner George Kinloch, who was elected as a Liberal MP for Dundee following the Scottish Reform Act of 1832.

Kinloch, who was Chairman of the Dundee and Newtyle Railway Company, planned to build the village on his land where it was crossed by an extension of the railway from Newtyle to Coupar Angus.

Originally conceived as a linen weavers village, Ardler failed to grow as the mechanisation of the textile industry saw production move first to water-powered mills in Blairgowrie, and later to steam powered factories in Dundee.

For around 50 years the village was known as Washington, after the American President but this name fell out of use c1880 after the railway station was moved across the county boundary whereupon it was named Ardler after the neighbouring farms.

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