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Cateran Ecomuseum

Baldowrie Symbol Stone

One of the most striking locations of any Pictish symbol stone in Scotland, also known as the Keillor Stone.

Aligned ENE-WSW and standing just under two metres in height on a tumulous that is probably Bronze Age, this fine example of a Class 1 Pictish Symbol Stone lies on the southern edge of the Ecomuseum and commands magnificent views across the valley of Strathmore to the Cairngorms in the distance.

Dating back to the  the 6th-8th centuries, there are three sets of carvings on south facing side which, whilst faint with age, can still be seen in certain lights.

About two thirds of the way up is an abstract symbol known as the “double disc and Z-rod”, lower down are carvings of a rimmed mirror and possibly a comb, and at the top, an image of a wolf or a bear.

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