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Vanora’s Mound

The final resting place of King Arthur’s Queen?

This burial mound could well be prehistoric in date but almost certainly represents the earliest phase of Pictish burial on this site, either as a new cairn or as a re-used prehistoric one.

It is regarded as being the tomb of King Arthur’s Queen, Guinevere, known locally as Vanora or Wanda.

It was not uncommon in the mid-first millennium for people of high status to be buried under round barrows like this one and documentary references going back to the early sixteenth century described the Mound as having been furnished with a number of Pictish stones.

Artist’s impression of the later use of sculpture around Vanora’s Mound (Mark Hall)

Included in these is the great ‘Vanora Stone’, which along with many of the others can still be seen in the Meigle Pictish Stone Museum, housed next door to the Churchyard in the Old School House.

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