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Cateran Ecomuseum

Temple Hall, Meigle

A private house said to stand on the site of a Temple built by the Knights Templar.

Whilst there is no proof that this temple existed, the land the house is built on did belong to the Knights Templar, a Catholic military order of Knights, founded in 1119.  They wore a white robe with a red Maltese Cross on the breast.

The Scottish Antiquarian Andrew Jervise, writing in the 1850’s advises that:

“The ancient fraternity of Knights Templars had considerable interest in this quarter, and  the kirk and kirkyard, in which the sculptured monuments are situated, is within the boundary of  the  old Temple lands.”

Behind the present house stood an old malt-kiln where barley was malted for whisky. The kiln was demolished in 1858 to build a wash house and underneath the kiln, 5 Pictish Symbol Stones were found which form part of the collection in the Meigle Pictish Stone Museum nearby.

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