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Cateran Ecomuseum

The Lunch Hut, Dirnanean

A shelter for walkers with an intriguing connection to Queen Victoria.

The Lunch hut was built about 1950; it was built for driven grouse shooting with two compartments; one for the guns and one for the beaters.

More recently it has been made available for footpath walkers to take shelter.

On Friday October 13th 1865 Queen Victoria passed by on her way from Dunkeld to Balmoral riding her Highland pony and accompanied by John Brown. A little further on the party stopped at the Lairig gate over looking the Spittal for tea.

Unfortunately the kettle had been forgotten and one had to be fetched from the Spittal causing tea to be delayed. This tale is told in Queen Victoria’s Highland Journals (edited by David Duff)

The path which the Cateran Trail follows over the Dirnanean Hill runs through or close by a number of interesting archaeological sites, including a sheiling ground of unusual density and complexity, which are recorded in the RCHAMS ‘North-East Perth – an archaeological landscape’

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