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The Glad Stane (Also known as the Gled Stane)

Thrown by a Giant?

Away back in the dim and distant ages of mythology a giant named Colly Camb was reputed to have resided among the rocks on the south side of Mount Blair, where his place of abode, or “Hole,” still bears his name.

Some would have it that he was one of the last of the race of Fingal, who lived in the third century, others hold that he was merely what may be termed an isolated giant.

Traditions respecting him are none too plentiful. He is said to have thrown the Sow Stone of Clachnockater, and the Gled Stane of West Mill—both immense boulders—from the top of Mount Blair.

It would appear that the inhabitants of West Mill had incurred the displeasure of the giant, and he threw the Gled Stane with the intention of demolishing their homestead, but the attempt proved a failure. Considering the weight of the missile, and the distance it was projected, it cannot be said that his aim was bad.

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