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Kirkmichael Village

The ancient heart of Strathardle Glen.

Located in Strathardle, 13 miles north-west of Blairgowrie, Kirkmichael village dates back over 1,000 years and was once an important market in the cattle trade between the Highlands and Lowlands, with various drove roads converging on the village.

The area became popular as a holiday resort after Balmoral Castle was built for Queen Victoria in nearby Deeside, and many of the local shooting lodges, known as “big houses”, were built at that time.

Although the village is picturesque and peaceful place now, in the days of the Covenanters, who opposed the Stuart kings interfering in the affairs of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, rival armies caused much destruction in the area.

Despite its small permanent population of around 150, Kirkmichael is a vibrant and lively community with Scottish Women’s Institute meetings, a knitting group, a book club, a village bloom group, an annual flower festival, a Highland games, pub quiz nights, a pool team, a darts team, various youth groups, and more.

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