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Duff Memorial Church

A memorial to Scotland’s first missionary to India.

Born in the parish of Moulin in 1806, Alexander Duff was first educated in what is now the Kirkmichael Session House. He boarded with the brilliant teacher Mr Macdougall, returning home to Moulin each Saturday. He went on to Perth Grammar school then St. Andrews University where he studied theology before being chosen as the Church of Scotland’s first missionary to India.

After an initial spell in India, during which he played an important role in changing and modernising the country’s educational system, he returned to Scotland, where he rose to become moderator of the Free Church of Scotland. During further visits to India, Duff also played a part in establishing the University of Calcutta.

The Duff Memorial Free Church was designed by L & J G Falconer in 1890 to commemorate him,  but is now disused and sadly dilapidated.

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