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The northernmost of all the mills of Blairgowrie and Rattray.

The ruins of this mill, the northernmost of all mills in Blairgowrie and Rattray, stand about 500 yards below Craighall Bridge. It was built in 1834 by a Mr. George Saunders and was enlarged in 1860.

Craigmill  was  driven wholly  by  water power  and  the wheel  in  use  in  1876  was  built by  Messrs. Thomson  Brothers and  Company,  Dundee.  In  the  1870s it  employed  100 workers  and  produced yarns  which  were suitable  for  the Forfar  and  Brechin trade.

Because  of  its comparative  remoteness  from the  parish  schools, the  Misses  Rattray of  Craighall  built a  school  at Craigmill  for  the children  of  the mill workers.

Craigmill ceased to  function  some time  in  the 1880s.

Nothing now remains of the mill.

Sources: Peter Dawson, Meg Luckins
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