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Cateran Ecomuseum

Couttie Bridge

A five-span rubble bridge with segmental arches.

This rather magnificent structure spans the River Isla just north of Coupar Angus. Consisting of 5 arches with the largest in the centre, it was built in 1766 and while it is contemporary with the extension of the Military Road south from Blairgowrie to Coupar, the bridge seems to have been built first, with the road subsequently routed across it. This goes some way to explain the unusual kinks in an otherwise straight road to reach the bridge.

The two river piers have triangular cutwaters. The New Statistical Account, Perth advises that “The middle arch is 30 feet above the ‘summer water’ and the road over is 15 feet wide”.

The bridge is built almost over the only two natural great stones in the middle of the river, called the riding stone and the wading stone which marked the course of the ford used before the erection of the bridge.

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