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Cateran Ecomuseum

Mount Blair

One of the Ecomuseum’s most prominent landmarks with superb summit views.

Mount Blair’ sweeping, symmetrical cone, 744 metres high, is located between Glenshee and Glen Isla. On a clear day you have a 360 degree view encompassing Montrose in the east, Ben Lawers in the west, the Lomonds to the south and the Cairngorms to the north.

One if the many legends associated with it is that it has a well, the waters of which have magical healing properties.

There is a long tradition of healing wells in Scotland with around 600 water sources once deemed to have special curative powers. With some dating to the times of druids, the wells were later attached to various saints and particular ailments.

People would visit different wells for different illnesses, from insanity to eye disease and infertility, with offerings made to the healing spirit to insure good health. The first Sundays of November, February, May and August were believed to be when the powers of the wells were at their most potent.

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