Seward’s Stone

Sometimes called the Belmont Stone, this rough, granite stone, 1.0 m high, by 0.9 m wide by 0.5m thick, lies in the grounds of the Belmont Estate near Belmont Castle....

Maggie’s Tree or Old Maggie

Belmont Castle was formerly the home of Sir Henry Campbell- Bannerman. Liberal Prime Minister from 1905 to 1908. He is buried in Meigle Kirkyard. It was Sir Henry who gave...

Becoming Cailleach

Humans have always used stories to make sense of the world. Since pre-history, we’ve told them in many different ways; through rock art, rhymes, songs, myths, legends, fables and epic poems. Even [...]

School of The Moon News

An exciting start to our community co-created School of the Moon pilot programme continues in 2023. There will be community poetry projects happening in both Meigle and Kirkmichael – keep [...]

The School Of The Moon

‘Cha neill e Sgoille a phaipear ghaell bhami ciallachadh, ach sgoille-na-geallaich’ – [It is not the School of the White Paper that I am thinking of, but the School of the Moon.] The ‘Halkit [...]