Our family friendly 'Riddle Trail' Challenge event takes you to some of Strathmore's greatest hidden treasures.

Starting and finishing in Alyth, the Challenge will take you on a 17 mile half-day road tour across bike friendly and beautiful Strathmore.

You have ten riddles, (written by the Cateran Ecomuseum's Poet in Residence, Jim Mackintosh) to match against ten heritage sites and there is a bonus eleventh riddle and site for the very fit.

The event will run from 10.00am to 3.00pm and will start and finish at  Alyth’s Diamond Jubilee Park in Lossett Road where participants will be able to pick up a map and the riddles before they set off and find out how accurately they have matched the riddles to the sites when they return at the end.

The self-guided route follows mainly ‘walking & cycling friendly roads’ and depending on how fast you choose to go it could take you 1.5 hours or 5 hours!

Sign up to take part via this eventbrite link here.

Points to visit

Along the way you will find these points of interest:

  • Pack Bridge

    One of the oldest masonry bridges in Scotland. Alyth’s Pack Bridge (intended to carry packhorses loaded with sidebags or panniers across the burn) is one of the oldest masonry bridges in Scotland and is shown on maps as far back as 1600. Reputedly...

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  • Toutie Street

    A permanent reminder of a bygone custom. This street name immortalises the bygone custom of the herdsman tooting his horn, alerting the townsfolk to bring out their beasts to be herded up Alyth Hill. The deeds of over 200 properties in the old town...

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  • James Sandy

    Inventor of the Invisible Hinge. James Sandy was born in Alyth in about 1766 and lived in what is now the Alyth Hotel. Crippled in both legs as a result of two separate accidents, he nevertheless went on to become known as ‘the Alyth Genius’ for...

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  • Dean Bridge

    A wonderfully preserved 16thc or 17thc bridge. This bridge, visible from the current road bridge, lies precisely on the Roman Road crossing of the Dean Water, adjacent to the Roman fort of Cardean. Nine feet wide, the bridge comprises of two...

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  • Temple Hall, Meigle

    A private house said to stand on the site of a Temple built by the Knights Templar. Whilst there is no proof that this temple existed, the land the house is built on did belong to the Knights Templar, a Catholic military order of Knights, founded in...

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  • Vanora’s Mound

    The final resting place of King Arthur’s Queen? This burial mound could well be prehistoric in date but almost certainly represents the earliest phase of Pictish burial on this site, either as a new cairn or as a re-used prehistoric one. It...

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  • Belmont Castle

    One of the finest houses in Strathmore. Belmont Castle is a substantial 18th century mansion which was modernised in the late 19th century, and incorporates the remains of a tower house called ‘Kirkhill of Meigle’, which belonged at one...

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  • Macbeth’s Stone

    The largest Standing Stone in the Ecomuseum. This giant of a stone measures about 12 ft high and stands on a large, low mound. Probably late Neolithic or early Bronze age ( (c 3,000 – c 2,100 BC),  it is linked to the Scottish King Macbeth...

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  • Ardler

    Originally planned as a Railway Village. This small village was the brainchild of local landowner George Kinloch, who was elected as a Liberal MP for Dundee following the Scottish Reform Act of 1832. Kinloch, who was Chairman of the Dundee and...

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  • Baldowrie Symbol Stone

    One of the most striking locations of any Pictish symbol stone in Scotland, also known as the Keillor Stone. Aligned ENE-WSW and standing just under two metres in height on a tumulous that is probably Bronze Age, this fine example of a Class 1...

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  • Bardmony Bridge

    Crowd funded through a local bazaar. This important crossing of the River Isla was built through the efforts of enterprising and community minded local farmers at the turn of the 20thc. Half the money was put up by 3 local farmers and the other half...

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